The Sustainability and Climate Change Panel at the University of Cambridge

The Woolf Institute, in collaboration with the Muslim World League, hosted a Sustainability and Climate Change Panel during the Encounter Workshop at the University of Cambridge. This event convened distinguished leaders and scholars to explore the intersection between faith and climate action.

Panel participants included Revd Dr Stephen Cherry, Dean of King’s College; Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence; Amir J. Ohadi, Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee at the Barnet Multi Faith Forum; and Dr Tobias Müller, Lecturer at Cambridge’s Department of Politics and International Studies. Discussions focused on pivotal topics such as reform versus systemic change, scientific versus religious approaches, grassroots versus top-down strategies, and the role of ethical frameworks in driving climate action.

Amir Ohadi underscored the significance of Pope Francis’s recent encyclical, Laudate Deum, released in October 2023 ahead of COP28. This influential document articulates key insights on the climate crisis from both spiritual and scientific perspectives, advocating for cultural and personal transformations to address global environmental challenges effectively.

The panel explored how religious perspectives can offer valuable insights into climate change mitigation and emission reduction. They highlighted the potential of faith-inspired messaging to bring optimism, catalyze change, and promote moral responsibility in climate debates.

Additionally, the discussion addressed the Faith Partnership initiative with the Barnet local government, aimed at achieving BarNET Zero by 2042. The initiative underscores the importance of inclusive local partnerships in implementing actionable solutions tailored to community needs.

The event concluded with a significant dialogue at Westminster College with Sheikh Dr Mohammed Al-Issa, head of the World Muslim League and organizer of the Charter of Mecca. This charter advocates for moderate Islam and addresses global environmental concerns, advocating for pollution reduction and global commitment to climate treaties.

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