THE AWARDS CEREMONY will be online
Wednesday 26th January 2022 at 7.00 pm.

Barnet Multi Faith Forum with The Faith & Belief Forum and Middlesex University are proud to introduce the inaugural Barnet Faith & Belief Awards

The Barnet Faith & Belief Awards celebrate outstanding contributions of faith and belief groups, through social action or community engagement, that have a positive impact on Barnet and improves the lives of residents and communities in Barnet.

Open to all and FREE to enter.



We are seeking nominations under the following categories:


Outstanding Initiative in Response to Covid 19 Pandemic Award

The global pandemic of Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the lives of Londoners. Projects within this category quickly adapted their services and/or through swift innovation created new projects with a focus on the common goal of assisting those affected by the pandemic.

Work may include: Places of worship hosting a vaccine drive, Faith group providing free transport to the local community, a group providing translated materials for an underrepresented faith community.

Health & wellbeing Award

Projects in this category create specialised services for the health and wellbeing of residents. They reduce social isolation and improve the quality of life by supporting vulnerable people from different backgrounds.

Work may include: Faith / Belief groups delivering healthy eating classes, mental health support, sports activities, initiatives that tackle loneliness or wellbeing services that a religiously sensitive.

Environmental Sustainability Award

Climate Change is the most urgent challenge facing humanity. Many groups work to inspire behavioural change, educate others on the issues and take practical action to tackle climate change.

Work may include: Faith / Belief groups delivering tree planting projects, litter picking campaigns, walk to school schemes, eco-buildings.

Inspiring Youth Award

Young people from minority backgrounds are often overlooked and may be excluded from civic life. Projects within this category work with young people to encourage leadership and participation in their local community, and connect them with opportunities beyond their neighbourhoods.

Work may include: afterschool clubs, providing leadership opportunities, sports clubs, employability programmes, tackling youth violence and crime.

Promoting inclusion Award

Residents may face misunderstanding, isolation or exclusion because of their faith or belief. They may be further excluded, due to other aspects of their identities (e.g. ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, age and ability) – and this discrimination may take place within faith groups or wider society. Projects within this category work at the intersection between faith/belief and other aspects of identity.

Work may include: Support for the homelessness, debt advice centres, ESOL classes, translation support, foodbanks, supporting unemployed people, LGBTQ support groups, women-only services.

Interfaith Relations Award

Local neighbourhoods are multi-faith spaces where people with different faiths and beliefs share the same public spaces and services. Projects within this category build bridges across communities and create hubs that are open to all.

Work may include: interfaith dialogue activities; projects that bring different communities together through activities like choirs, sports groups, hosting events that improve religious literacy.