Adopting a Barnet-wide definition of Islamophobia

Joint Motion in the name of Cllr Dan Thomas and Cllr Barry Rawlings
Council: Tuesday 20th October 2020

This Council notes that:

  1. The Council agreed to create and adopt a definition of Islamophobia in July 2019
  2. According to the 2011 census, over 36,000 Muslims live in Barnet, making up over 8% of the borough’s population
  3. Muslim communities in Barnet are members of traditions from around the globe, including but not limited to Albania, Iran, Pakistan and Somalia
  4. The below definition was written from consultation with Barnet’s Muslim community, and has the support of the Barnet Islamic Forum.

This Council believes that:

  1. No form of racial or religious hatred has any place in the London Borough of Barnet
  2. It is right that a definition of Islamophobia in Barnet was built by the Barnet Muslim community

This Council adopts the following definition of Islamophobia:

Anti-Muslim prejudice, also known as islamophobia, is a perception of Muslims, often expressed as adislike or hatred towards an individual, a group or their property, institutions and facilities for possessing the perceived characteristics of a Muslim.

This prejudice is often rooted in racism, and can be manifested in many ways, including but not limited to abusive behaviour, threats of violence, damage and desecration of property, assault and extreme violence.

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