Simple and Easy Steps for Sustainability (SESS)

Prepared by Barnet Multi Faith Forum, Environment and Sustainability Sub-Group

Caring for people and planet and Commitment to net Zero emission (not adding emissions to the environment directly and indirectly) presents an opportunity to embrace more sustainable practices, cultivating a greener and healthier environment. Let’s remember our accountability as stewards of the planet and make impactful changes by taking small steps that significantly contribute to our collective journey towards long-term sustainability goals and a brighter future for all.

1- Reduce Plastic Use:

  • Remember to bring your own bags when shopping to minimize the need for plastic bags.
  • Consider switching to plastic-free alternatives such as soap bars and refillable containers for your toiletries.
  • Choose foods that have minimal packaging to reduce plastic waste.
  • Instead of using plastic cutlery, bring your own reusable cups, bottles, plates, and utensils for any gatherings.
  • Encourage sustainability among children by rewarding them for participating in these practices with non-plastic, recyclable toys and books.

2- Reduce Food Waste:

  • Adjust your fridge temperature to between 0-5°C to extend the freshness of food.
  • Embrace creativity with leftovers—freeze them or share with those in need.
  • Donate unwanted food to food banks or utilize apps like OLIO or Too Good To Go to minimize waste effectively.
  • Shop with a plan in mind, paying close attention to the use-by dates of fresh food.
  • Maintain your fridge; clean and use clear storage containers for easy visibility of contents, reducing the chance of food being forgotten.
  • Consider going meat-free occasionally, to lessen environmental impact.

3- Compost & Recycle:

  • Start composting organic waste in your garden to decrease the amount of waste sent to landfills. Please see how easy to compost with a wormery!
  • Boost your recycling efforts and inquire about local services for food waste collection.
  • If you have access to any type of dry biomass, including greenfield waste and waste materials, consider producing biochar or providing them to nearby biochar production facilities.
  • Please place any leaves that fall onto your frontage, driveway, or garden in your green garden waste bin if you’re signed up for the service. Or turn fallen leaves into leaf mould to enrich your garden soil naturally.

4- Eco-Friendly Home & Gifts:

5- Sustainability Personal Decisions:

  • Reduce air travel as much as possible and explore alternative modes of transportation to minimize your carbon footprint.
  • Review your finances and make responsible decisions with your money, business, and investments to ensure the sustainability and social impact of your finances.
  • Hold onto your smartphone; resist buying new ones just to follow new trends.
  • Contribute to charity by calculating your business’s carbon footprint and purchasing voluntary greenhouse gas removal credits to offset emissions. Please be mindful of including scope 3 emissions in your calculations, which refer to the emissions a company is responsible for beyond its own operations.

Please remember that these are suggestions, and you are not expected to implement all of them. However, taking every step where possible can make a significant difference.

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