Together in Barnet is a night shelter for rough sleepers in Barnet. 15 venues, currently all churches and synagogues, with the help of lots of volunteers, provide dinner, bed, and breakfast for homeless Barnet residents. Although Together in Barnet is a secular organisation, by linking faith groups with the common cause of homeless provision, opportunities for community links and cohesion have arisen from this project.

Our Christmas shelter in particular, brings together volunteers from across the faiths and venues in Barnet. This shared experience promotes the building of community in Barnet. One shelter guest told us it’s the “best Christmans I have had in 25 years.”

This service costs £5.40 per guest, per night and as a registered charity, TIB relies on donations to keep this shelter running.

If you would like to support the shelter through donations in time or money then contact

See for further information.