From Golders Green Hippodrome

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Our hearts and prayers are with the Families and loved ones of those killed and injured in the horrific attack in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We want to say that this is a very difficult time not only for Muslims world wide, but for people of all faiths who stand by the values of love, peace and humanity.

We would also like to say, that the messages of support from our neighbours has been overwhelming and we want to thank everybody who reached out to support the Markaz and wider Muslim community. This only strengthens our belief that terrorist acts of this nature will never divide those who seek to stand united.

Our message is always the same, We stand with those who believe that love is stronger than hatred.

When innocents are attacked in a Mosque, Church or Synagogue, it is an attack on us all.

We hope that the Almighty showers his mercy upon those who have lost their lives and protect all of the innocents worldwide.

Markaz Golders Green 15/03/2019