Messages from the Faith Communities in Barnet following the tragedy in Christchurch

From Muswell Hill Synagogue, Highgate Synagogue, Crouch End Liberal Chavura and Crouch End Chabad

Solidarity with Wightman Road Mosque

Dear All,

I am sure we were all shocked to learn of the killings that took place earlier today in New Zealand, on Muslim worshippers while at Friday prayers in 2 Mosques there. This attack is simply shocking and fills us with both deep sadness as well as anger. I wanted to let you know that I have written a letter to Bibi Khan who is one of the heads of Wightman Road Mosque to show solidarity at this time. This letter will be read out at a Vigil they are holding at the Mosque this evening. I am copying the letter to you all below so you can see it – it was written on behalf of our community as well as Highgate Synagogue, Crouch End Liberal Chavura and Crouch End Chabad. It is so important that at times like these we all stand totgether to show our disgust for such acts of hate, and our support for the Muslim community. We know from attacks on Jewish communal buildings such as in Pittsburgh recently, how much vulnerability and fear these attacks create.
Shabbat Shalom to you all – this Shabbat we will read Parashat Zachor, remembering how the ancient nation of Amalek wanted to destroy our people. Today, Amalek comes in a number of guises, and on this day, it has risen up to kill within a Muslim community.


Dear Bibi,
I am writing to you on behalf of a number of Jewish communities in Haringey. I was extremely shocked and saddened to hear of the terrorist killings in the Al-Noor Mosque and Linwood Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand and wanted to express our feelings of deep solidarity with you at this painful time. Although the attack happened in New Zealand, we are sure that your community as well as Muslim communities across the UK, will be feeling vulnerable and worried at this time. I will not forget how you and other members of your Mosque attended a vigil at Muswell Hill Synagogue after the killings in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. This meant so much and was such a comfort to our community, and even though I cannot be with you tonight, I will be thinking of you this evening while we recite our Sabbath prayers and want to show total support for your vigil. I know that Jewish people across Haringey will be feeling pain for you all and I look forward to continuing the vital work we are doing together, to bring Muslims and Jews closer. On this dark day, we have to cling to the rays of hope that most of our congregants wish to create a society of tolerance and freedom from violence.
With warm wishes
Rabbi David Mason
On behalf of Muswell Hill Synagogue, Highgate Synagogue, Crouch End Liberal Chavura and Crouch End Chabad.


Hippodrome sent:

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Our hearts and prayers are with the Families and loved ones of those killed and injured in the horrific attack in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We want to say that this is a very difficult time not only for Muslims world wide, but for people of all faiths who stand by the values of love, peace and humanity.

We would also like to say, that the messages of support from our neighbours has been overwhelming and we want to thank everybody who reached out to support the Markaz and wider Muslim community. This only strengthens our belief that terrorist acts of this nature will never divide those who seek to stand united.

Our message is always the same, We stand with those who believe that love is stronger than hatred.

When innocents are attacked in a Mosque, Church or Synagogue, it is an attack on us all.

We hope that the Almighty showers his mercy upon those who have lost their lives and protect all of the innocents worldwide.

Markaz Golders Green 15/03/2019


Edgware Mosque sent:

Truth Always Prevails.

We are human beings belonging to the same roots and having the same destiny . Therefore,  we should have one common goal and objective which is to engage in developing understanding in order to eradicate ignorance, because it leads to misunderstanding and hatred. Hatred breeds violence. Violence leads to acts of terror and hostility. With collective efforts,  we can gain peace,  security and love.  The prophet said in one of hadiths qudsi:” mankind are Allah’s community   The best of them to Allah are those who benefit most the community.” I also refer to the statement of Ali Taleb, the third caliph who said: ” the whole mankind are brothers and sisters: either brethren in belief or in humanity. ”

Tayeb Mustafa Cham

Taiba Welfare Foundation
Rectory lane, Edgware, Middx HA8 7LG


Amina Kadi –  Member of Barnet Muslim Network sent:

It’s 2019 and it’s sad to see our world still divided over differences when we should be in fact be celebrating humanity’s beautiful colours, faiths and cultures.

As a human being and as a Muslim my heart goes out to all of those who have suffered from this horrific attack.

As a community we will continue to hold hands to build stronger, united and loving communities.

We must unite as a big family and create an unbreakable bond that hate cannot divide.


From Barnet Multi Faith Forum:

Dear friends and colleagues

On behalf of the BMFF we wish to send a message to all members of the Muslim community, of our deepest sympathy at this very distressing time.

We share in their shock and grief of this cowardly and planned attack, to those who have been brutally murdered and injured in this Christchurch massacre and their grieving families.

These attacks only reinforce our desire and commitment to work in solidarity with people of all faiths and beliefs, to stand strong and united against all forms of racial hatred and to ensure that we work even harder to enhance social cohesion and understanding and peace in the Borough of Barnet.

We stand together, to work alongside you please let us know how we can assist and support the community.   

Esmond Rosen

Shalom, Salaam and Peace
Co-Chair Barnet Multi Faith Forum

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