Message of support for our Christian and Sri Lankan community

Statement from the CTN to its members in support of our Christian and Sri Lankan community.

As members of Barnet Multi Faith Forum we collectively agree that terrorists have no religion, they want to create division and chaos amongst those who want to live in peace. We will continue to stand together in defiance of their plans to spread unrest and hate. Our collective prayers go out to those in Sri Lanka. We stand with you and send you our sincere condolences on yet another sorry day.

Let us keep hope, let us keep faith that this evil will not prevail and the good work we do together will counter these merciless acts. 

Today we mourn and send a message of reassurance to our Sri Lankan and Christian communities in Barnet, in light of  the deadly attacks on Christians celebrating Easter Sunday and to visitors to Sri Lanka that have so far resulted in the very sad deaths of 320 people and a further 500 who are wounded. Our Communities Together Network continues to work with all of our diverse communities to highlight the detrimental effects of such hate crime and that this has no place in our borough. We share the message from the Barnet Multi Faith Forum that these religious attacks only reinforce our desire and commitment to work in solidarity with people of all faiths and beliefs. Together, we in Barnet will stand strong and united against all forms of religious hatred. We will ensure that we work even harder to build Barnet’s safe and strong communities through understanding and peace.